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The German transmission is part of what makes a German Car special. It is one of the most complex, crucial – and costly  – parts of a car. Today’s transmission are fitted with sophisticated electronics to regulate gear ratios and monitor fluid levels, making diagnostic accuracy paramount when addressing any sort of transmission issues regardless of the severity of damage. Our certified mechanics will be sure to correctly identify the issue using the latest computerized diagnostic scanners and error codes to locate the problem and remedy accordingly. DasAutoShopTX won’t stop at just the gearbox – we check for engine, drivetrain, clutch, axle and any peripheral damage that might have resulted from a defective transmission.

An Overview of the Transmission

A transmission refers to the device (or a system of devices) that delivers power and drive by receiving energy resulting from the internal combustion of an engine to rotate the drive shaft via combining gears of different sizes and spin speed. The shaft, which runs along the length of the car, connects to both the front and rear axles that are connected to the front and rear wheels respectively. As the drive shaft turns, the axles turn as well, propelling the car forward or backwards.

Automatic transmissions utilize electronic sensors to monitor various parameters such as throttle position, determining the rate at which a gear is spinning (and what direction the spin is) to regulate the drive accordingly without the need of manual intervention of the gears. Manual transmissions incorporate a clutch plate to allow gears to spin freely forward or backwards while the engine is disengaged from the gearbox, allowing the control of drive to be independent of the engine’s RPM.

Transmission Problems

Because the transmission consists of hundreds of integrated parts moving in sync, issues and costs can vary widely. Continuous operation of a vehicle with a faulty transmission can result in severe damage to other parts of the car, and the possible need for an entirely new transmission rebuild, potentially costing thousands of dollars. Aside from mechanical damage, faulty transmissions will decrease fuel efficiency, power, and throttle response resulting in an uncomfortable drive. Automatic transmission based cars will suffer greater brake wear as misfiring gears produce erroneous brake responses, while the gear wear on manual based transmissions can increase due to a slipping or worn clutch. Faulty electronics can result in fluid levels being dysregulated, creating unnatural vibrations and increasing wear on the gears.

Transmission Repair

As stated above, the complicated nature of a transmission system requires utmost precision regarding the location and nature of the problem. A computerized diagnostic scan will check for any electronics-based errors, fluid levels, gear ratios and other variables internal to the transmission, while a complete manual inspection will cover any issues external to the transmission, using only manufacturer approved equipment should parts be needed. We carry the most manufacturer approved parts in the San Antonio area.

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To determine the nature of your car’s transmission problem, proper training and certification is necessary particularly for complex systems since repairs can be very costly. We will inform you of what the exact problem is so you can understand why the suggested procedures are needed, all while our prices are kept at an affordable rate.