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Porsche Service

Austrian engineer Ferdinand Porsche founded the company. He was also the father of the original Beetle made by VW. This car manufacture is and has always been about the drive.

You would be hard pressed to find a cup holder even in the new ones. They are the sports car enthusiasts car. Not only that but they have that “I have arrived” look that most successful hardworking individuals rewards themselves with. We can often identify Porsches owners with their clothing. Whether it be a baseball hat, a watch, or a jacket, they proudly display their love for these cars.

We fuel the passion for these cars with the Knowledge and Expertise in our care for these cars. We know that they require special attention to detail and the best is the only thing we give here at EGA.

Early on these cars were maintenance queens. With the introduction of coolant and hydraulic lifters, the need for frequent large services are now a thing of the past. They are the only German manufacturer that still has rear and center mounted engines. The 911 has been the car that has built the brand, but have moved into other markets such as the Sport Utilities.

Since 2002 with the release of the Cayenne brand, it has led the way for other cars such as the Panamera, and the Cayman. We share the same passion of the owners to maintain a tight running machine.

We follow the strict guidelines for maintenance of Porsche cars, but tailor it to realistic intervals to follow over the long term.

We recommend to follow the service intervals for water cooled engines based on our experience over the years. Servicing your Porsche may include:

  • Oil Change service for vehicles with UNDER 100,000 miles, change every 10000 miles
  • Oil Change Recommendations with OVER 100,000 miles, change every 7000 miles
  • Brake Flushes Recommended every 2 Years due to moisture build up in fluid
  • Coolant Service Recommended every 3 Years to maintain the proper PH balance in the system
  • Transmission Service every 40-60,000 miles to extend the life of the Transmission
  • Spark Plug recommended between 40k-80k depending on engine type
  • Cabin Air Filters recommended every 20-30,000 miles
  • Engine Air Filters recommended every 40,000 under normal driving conditions

We stand behind all our work by backing its with a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty. We can offer this by using the Original Equipped parts and having one of our Porsche trained technicians to install them on your vehicle.

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